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CBMM - English


Contestants, judges and representatives from IOM3 at the 2014 World Final 
held at the University of California, Riverside

London-based Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3) has organized the YPWLC since 2005 with the aim of promoting and improving the communication skills of students and young professionals up to the age of 28, particularly regarding their capacity to relate complex subjects to a lay audience in an understandable, engaging manner.

CBMM has been a primary sponsor of the YPWLC since 2011 when representatives from Brazil began participating in the event. Rolls-Royce also provides support for the contest that draws competitors from around the globe.

During regional competitions and the world final, participants deliver a 15-minute lecture in English on a topic related to materials, minerals, mining, packaging, clay technology or wood sciences. An expert panel rates the presentations based on criteria such as clarity of explanation, relevance of visual aids, organization and enthusiasm.

The IOM3 website provides additional information on the competition, including full coverage of the world finals and an archive of past presentations.