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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​CBMM's comprehensive program to develop new niobium applications and products invests in technological improvements of the processes used to manufacture niobium products.

The Company's Technology Center is located in CBMM's industrial complex in Araxá where more than 80 researchers and technicians work to improve and expand industrial processes by investigating aspects that range from metallurgy, chemistry and the environment to ore processing. 
The Technology Center is comprised of two cutting-edge facilities, the Laboratory and the Process Research Center. Among many others, a few examples of the wide-ranging projects undertaken at CBMM's Technology Center include:​​

  • Optimization of the ore blending system to achieve higher recoveries
  • Development of new technologies to recover other elements present in the ore
  • Improved recoveries with the elimination of desliming in the concentration process
  • Increased ferroniobium recovery at the Metallurgy Plant
  • Expanded productivity at the Oxide Plant
  • Optimization of the water recirculation system beyond the current rate of 95%

CBMM maintains a subsidiary based in Switzerland that is dedicated to the development of new niobium applications and the dissemination of existing niobium solutions. The program is developed in cooperation with customers, end users and independent research centers and universities. Visit the CBMM Techno​logy Suisse site to learn more about CBMM's Technology Development Program.