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​​Niobium makes modern structural projects safer and more efficient. Niobium microalloying increases steel strength and toughness simultaneously, which is key to meeting the challenges of modern construction, especially regarding seismic requirements and fire resistance. 

Leaner structures mean lower costs and faster construction, making niobium steels the best solution for infrastructure projects like airports and bridges, as well as functional and artistic buildings.


Leaner structures are environmentally friendly structures since they consume fewer resources - less steel, lower CO² emissions. 

Furthermore, using advanced niobium technology results in significantly less raw material consumption compared to solutions that rely on concrete and conventional steels.

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Niobium steels for other structural applications
In addition to strength and toughness, excellent weldability and formability are additional characteristics of niobium steels that make them ideal for other structural applications like wind towers, ship building, train rails and wheels, energy transmission towers, construction beams and offshore drilling platforms. Niobium steels have better performance under mechanical fatigue, as required in these structures.


Explore CBMM's Niobium Technical Library to learn more about niobium applications and technology.