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​Niobium increases the efficiency of pipelines through the high strength steel concept. Niobium increases steel strength and toughness simultaneously, enabling pipelines to work at higher pressures as well as allowing the design of structures with thinner walls and larger diameters.


Leaner, larger diameter pipelines mean more efficient oil and gas transportation. 

These improvements mean that more gas is available at a lower cost per transported unit. With niobium, lower carbon steels can be used and weldability is also enhanced. In short, niobium steels increase pipeline performance and project safety, all at reduced costs.

While there is no pipeline steel with less than 0.035% niobium in its composition, the most modern and efficient pipelines are built with stronger steels containing up to 0.11% niobium. Recent results indicate this solution is a requirement rather than a technological option.


Explore CBMM's Niobium Technical Library to learn more about niobium applications and technology.