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​CBMM's laboratory is qualified to assay all the Company's intermediate and final products, assure quality control of critical input materials and perform environmental testing. The laboratory also participates in the research and development of new products and processes.


CBMM continuously invests in state-of-the-art equipment, which keeps the Company on the cutting edge of the latest advances in analytics. The laboratory is equipped with high-tech tools to perform a range of analyses, including X-ray spectrometry (Philips PW 2404, Axios, Axios Fast), ICP-MS (PerkinElmer NexION 300S, NexION 300X), ICP-OES (PerkinElmer Optima 5300, 7300DV, 7300V); ion exchange chromatography (Metrohm Compact IC Flex); oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen analyzers (LECO TCH600, OHN836); and carbon and sulfur analyzers (LECO CS600, CS844). Physical tests such as measuring particle size and surface area are also performed using specialized equipment (CILAS 1064LD, Quantachrome BET NOVA 1200).

View CBMM's certification information on Inmetro's site (in Portuguese).

In its quest to ensure excellence in processing, manufacturing and marketing niobium products, CBMM recognizes that the quality of its assays is essential to reach the elevated levels of accuracy and reliability required for the Company's success. To that end, CBMM has established the Laboratory Quality Policy, with ISO/IEC 170​25:2005 accreditation. This accreditation covers all environmental collection and assaying involving raw and residual water, air quality and atmospheric emissions, as well as niobium, iron and 13 impurities in standard ferroniobium.

One of the laboratory's principal objectives is to ensure the accuracy of the levels of niobium in CBMM's products. Read the laboratory's niobium assay procedures to learn more

The laboratory is staffed by over 50 highly trained, qualified professionals who strive to ensure complete customer satisfaction.​