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The Child-Friendly Company program of the Abrinq Foundation-Save the Children recognizes businesses that promote and defend the rights of children and adolescents. For the fifteenth consecutive year, CBMM has earned the title Child-Friendly Company, which is granted to a business that formally commits to:

1. Not use child labor and not employ adolescents in nighttime, dangerous or unhealthy activities, respecting Brazil's Child and Adolescent Statute 8.069/90.

2. Alert contracted suppliers that a proven child labor complaint is grounds for terminating the commercial relationship.

3. Raise awareness among customers, suppliers and the community regarding the detrimental impact of child labor.

4. Develop beneficial educational and health-related activities for employees' children.

5. Promote social activities for the children and adolescents of the community, according to the values established by the Abrinq Foundation-Save the Children.