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CBMM - English


CBMM's Environmental Development Center (EDC) created a wide-reaching project to protect biodiversity in the Cerrado, home of CBMM's industrial complex.


In response to the United Nations' declaration of 2011 as the Year of the Forest, the Forest Conservation- Cerrado Biome initiative was developed to protect Cerrado biodiversity through raising awareness of its richness and singularity. The project aims to achieve this through a range of activities, including the creation of a complete set of lesson plans built around four themes: Biodiversity, Threats to Biodiversity, Biodiversity Conservation and Mineral Wealth. Staff from the EDC train local teachers to use the complimentary lesson plans that are designed for students from elementary through middle school.

Additionally, CBMM's EDC hosts guided tours of its facilities for students and their teachers. Invariably these visits spark an appreciation for and fascination with the unique characteristics of the Cerrado. ​