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Niobium steel technology makes the lightweight design of vehicles a reality.  This is the primary reason for the increased use of niobium steels in the automotive industry.

Niobium microalloying increases steel strength and toughness simultaneously, allowing car body structures to be lighter while at the same time improving crash safety.


Lighter vehicles
 mean lower fuel consumption and
 lower CO² emissions. 

A mere 300 grams of niobium in the steel of a mid-size car reduces its weight by 200 kilograms, which results in fuel economy of one liter per 200 kilometers driven, and much lower emissions.

Additional improvements in steel design with the use of niobium technology will bring further efficiencies to the automotive industry.

Graphic illustration of different types of steel used in a passenger vehicle. The colors reflect steel strength (expressed in units of megapascal).​

If you would like to learn more about niobium in automotive applications, explore CBMM's Niobium Technical Library.​