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​​CBMM has worked diligently to develop applications where niobium is the most efficient technological solution based on its own technical merits. Niobium adds value particularly in addressing today's major challenges. The Company promotes the use of niobium in applications where its properties make it the unbeatable choice due to improved efficiency, safety and performance.

The most important application for niobium is as an alloying element to strengthen steel without impairing its ductility properties. These steels are used in the automotive industry and to build oil and gas pipelines and large structures. Besides making steels stronger and tougher, tiny amounts of niobium also enhance steel weldability and formability. Stainless steels containing niobium are used in vehicle exhaust systems, among other applications.

Non-steel applications for niobium include aircraft turbines, land-based power generation turbines, optical lenses, medical imaging devices and chemical catalysts.

Explore CBMM's Niobium Technical Library to learn more about niobium applications and technology.​​