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​CBMM provides the highest quality, most comprehensive range of niobium products on the market. The Company strives to meet the needs of customers by offering expert technical support, a wide variety of ready-to-order products, as well as the capacity to develop niobium products to meet the specific needs of each customer, wherever they may be, for whatever they may need.
Niobium is used to improve the quality, properties and performance of a vast array of products and systems. The main application for niobium is in the steel industry. Niobium microalloying increases steel strength and toughness simultaneously. Adding niobium to steels also improves weldability and formability. While steel represents the biggest market for niobium, there is a long and growing list of other applications that are enhanced by the use of niobium.

Explore CBMM's Niobium Technical Library to learn more about niobium applications and technology.​