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The Second International Symposium on Molybdenum and Niobium Alloying in High Performance Steels was held in South Korea in April 2013. 

Organized by CBMM and the International Molybdenum Association and hosted by the Korean Institute of Metals and Materials, POSCO and Hyundai Steel, the event attracted more than 90 delegates from 16 countries representing approximately 60 companies and research institutes. 

The symposium highlighted the metallurgical properties of niobium in different types of steel and its interaction with molybdenum. The presentations addressed all important application sectors such as automotive, linepipe and mechanical engineering. Niobium and molybdenum are two of the most powerful alloying elements in helping to adapt microstructures and properties to downstream manufacturing processes for the production of high performance steel. These steels are increasingly important in the production of lighter, more durable and sustainable vehicles, machinery, structures and pipelines.

Several CBMM-sponsored research projects from recent years were presented and discussed by some of the world's top metallurgists. Many new ideas were put forward and the symposium was notable for the extensive collaboration between industrial delegates and those from research institutions.

The proceedings of the First International Symposium on Fundamentals and Applications of Mo and Nb Alloying in High Performance Steels are available for download at CBMM's Niobium​ Technical Library.